a year in pictures…

2016 was quite an adventure! They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so as to save you reading millions of words describing this year, here are my top 10 highlights (in chronological order) in pictures:
1. Having over 40 women come to each of our community health education seminars and graduating our first group of women from the program! img_4211
2. Graduating our first ever sewing class group
3. Working with an amazing team on the IES Search & Rescue Campaign
assembly line 1
4. Taking a team from IES to West Indonesia for outreach
5. Korry and I had our first ever interns!
6. Orphanage camp with an amazing team of IES volunteers!!
7. Trekking through Southeast Asia with one of my best friends
8. Starting my online graduate program in International Community Development
9. Sharing what God is doing in Indonesia with churches and individuals around the US
10. Spending Christmas with the family!
2016 was exciting and jam packed of opportunity…I can only begin to imagine what God has in store for 2017!!!

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