Merry Christmas…

Pictures-Of-Merry-ChristmasI absolutely love Christmas–it is by far my favorite holiday of the year. This year as I’ve been reflecting on what I love about the Christmas season and the day itself, I am realizing that the traditional aspects of a “magical Christmas” (snow, lights, music playing everywhere, shoppers bustling about, etc) aren’t what really make Christmas magical to me–which is good, because celebrating Christmas in a city where Christmas is not a huge holiday would leave one feeling a bit disappointed. But even though this year has not included some of the traditional aspects of Christmas as we celebrate in the US and Spain, I have found this Christmas to be absolutely incredible!

Christmas is incredible not because of the festive atmosphere out and about–it’s about the people, relationships, sharing meals together, and remembering the true reason for why we celebrate the holiday to begin with. I challenge you this year to focus on the people in your life, spend time with them, really talk and enjoying being together…because that is the part of Christmas that really lasts.

Merry Christmas from Jakarta!!!

I love Christmas…

I love Christmas. I love the lights, the music, the food, the general festivity of the season. It doesn’t even matter that it is hot and rainy rather than cold and snowy—if you stand under the AC unit it feels about the same.
Every year my LIFE group has a Christmas party, which is one of the highlights of the year. This year was particularly special because we had two members who had never celebrated Christmas in Western fashion before—they had never decorated Christmas cookies or a Christmas tree. It was so fun to see their excitement and enthusiasm about us getting to all do it together as a group.


I think what I liked the best was experiencing the freshness of the Christmas season through their eyes…the newness and excitement. But it was also a good reminder that celebrating Christmas with a tree and cookies, while awesome, is not the only way to celebrate—because ultimately that’s not what the holiday is all about. Christmas is about the savior of the world coming and making himself man to dwell among us and ultimately be a sacrifice on our behalf….the festivities are just extra fun—icing on the cake so to speak.