ice skating in the tropics…

Who knew that you could go ice skating in the tropical country of Indonesia? Well, I for one did not—but since they have a rink, why not check it out?

One of the family values of IES is that we are serious about our faith, our fun, and our food. In order to mix in a little more fun to our faith and food, every month my young adult life group goes on some sort of random adventure. This month we decided to go ice skating!

Someone found out that there was an ice skating rink located in the middle of one of the big malls here in Jakarta…and somehow that translated into all of us piling into a couple cars and heading to the mall! Loving food as much as we do, we met for a quick dinner beforehand, so we would be fully fueled for our skating.

There were 13 of us from our life group that were able to come. Of those 13, only about half of us had ever skated before.


It was so fun to get to help some of them learn to skate—or watch as others taught them. In the middle of regular skating, and teaching our skating newcomers, we of course mixed in a little bit of shenanigans (such as racing and synchronized falling competition).

IMG_9959 IMG_9979

After our two hours were up and the rink closed, we headed downstairs to find dessert. Since we were celebrating one of our member’s birthday, we had initially intended to find a cupcake place—because who doesn’t love a cupcake on their birthday? However, we couldn’t find one, and since we only had 30 minutes before the mall closed and they kicked us out, we settled on J.Co Donuts (the Indonesian Duncan Donuts equivalent). My co-leaders Hans and Laura were prepared with candles and a lighter, so we made a birthday cake out of a dozen donuts and sang happy birthday!


I think it is one of the most fun adventures our life group has been on…I’m not really sure how we’ll top it next month.

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