my brief trip to eastern Indonesia…

The more I explore Indonesia the more I realize that I love it here. Not just the island of Java (which up until last week had been my only exposure to Indonesia), but as I just discovered, I love eastern Indonesia as well!

Last week I was  able to spend a few days with my dad at a seminar he was conducting in Kupang—a city in West Timor (an island in the southeastern part of Indonesia). This was my first adventure off of Java. In true Indonesian fashion, we were welcomed with open arms. 

When we got to the church Wednesday night I felt like I had been transported to an Indonesian version of ICC, my home church in Madrid, Spain. The worship was phenomenal—and there were even girls dancing with tamborenes like I used to do at ICC!

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 2.42.19 PM

After service, some of the pastors took us to a traditional Kupang restaurant where we had delicious barbecue fish and a lemon-coconut water drink. 

Thursday was jam packed, as Dad did a session in the morning and at night—so we spent most of the day at the church or our hotel. Friday morning, though, we had off, as dad didn’t have to teach until the evening—so two of the pastors decided to take us around Kupang. It was so much fun! They took us through the roads less traveled and we saw some spectacular views. 


One of the places we stopped to see was the main fish port. Apparently the main people group there are the Bugis—the same people group that I work with in North Jakarta—what a small world!


At the traditional fish market the pastor stopped the car and told us to wait a minute. He got out of the car and came right back with this adorable woman. She walked up to me and offered me this beautiful piece of fabric. I was so touched by her and her pastor’s generosity. 


Indonesia is a special place…and I am honored to be able to live here. 

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