a poop coffee tasting adventure…

Indonesia is the country of coffee. Ever since I decided to move to Indonesia I have wanted to taste the Indonesian traditional “kopi luwak.” Kopi luwak is a special kind of coffee that comes from a special fermentation process in the intestines of a luwak (monkey-like animal). Apparently, the luwak eats the coffee bean, but since it cannot properly digest it, it comes out in its excrement as one of the world’s most expensive and rare coffee beans. Being a coffee connoisseur, I had to try it!


When I first got to Jakarta I couldn’t find anyone to try the world-famous “poop coffee” with me, so I waited and waited. When my dad was asked to come to Jakarta to speak at a conference, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to try the world famous coffee–as he is the only person I know who loves unique coffee as much as I do.


Dad and I arrived at the Kopi Lukwak shop, sat down, and ordered the traditional coffee. About five minutes later the waitress came and brought us two empty tea cups, a carafe of water, and a pouch of coffee. She proceeded to pour the packet and the water into the cup and told us to wait two minutes. At the end of the two minutes we tried it and it was phenomenal!


I can now proudly say, I’ve had traditional luwak poop coffee!!!

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