a trip to the animal kingdom…

Today was a national holiday in Indonesia—so everyone was off work—which means road trip time! My two friends and I packed a picnic lunch (of chicken and rice), got in the car, and headed to Taman Safari—a safari style zoo park about 3 hours from Jakarta.

The first animal we came across was this cute elephant just hangin’ in the pond…


As we continued driving we met up with some super friendly zebras. They came right up to the car begging for carrots. They got so excited about eating our carrots that this one stuck his head almost all the way in the window…


And of course what zoo trip is complete without some lions, and tigers, and bears…oh my!!

 DSCN2283 IMG_9660 IMG_9627

At the end of the trip I got to take my picture with a baby orangutan…I literally could hardly handle the cuteness.


It was so fun to get to go on a short animal kingdom adventure!

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