school supplies and papayas…

It just never get old… There is something special about partnering with the different communities to give them a little bit of hope.

Yesterday’s school supply distribution, though, was particularly special. I had to the opportunity to go a small community outside of Jakarta to distribute school supplies that had been donated by one of the international schools here in Jakarta. When we got there we were met with such gratitude, it was very humbling.

The school is in a more rural area and is surrounded by a beautiful papaya grove that the headmaster planted in memory of her husband. After giving her the boxes of supplies and were getting ready to leave, she grabbed a broom stick and started poking at the papayas on the tree. She nocked down five papayas and insisted that we take them home as a thank you for the supplies.

I was so humbled by her generosity. She didn’t have anything—that’s why we went to distribute school supplies to her school—but she gave us a thank you gift anyway. I was so touched by her generosity. And to be honest, very excited to eat fresh papaya.

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