the tropical equivalent of a snow day…

In Virginia we had snow days…in Jakarta we have flood days. I knew that I was moving to a country with monsoon season and I knew that there would likely be floods…but for some reason the concept of flood days didn’t occur to me.

Thankfully so far in Jakarta there is no major damage due to the floods. My town isn’t under water, but we can’t venture too far out because much of Jakarta is currently flooded, which means the roads are closed…and the parts that aren’t flooded have extra traffic jams.

What I find interesting is how people aren’t really freaked out by the floods. They treat it very much the same way we treated snow days back in Virginia. It happens a couple times every year…so for the most part people are prepared for it. People who can work from home stay home and wait for the water to recede—just like we would wait for the ice to melt. Those who have to go into their office brave the insanity and go in. I think people like getting an unexpected excuse to stay home and chill with their friends and family.

I really enjoyed the bonding experience of snow days with my roommates in the past, so I’m kind of excited to get to experience the tropical equivalent with my housemates here in Jakarta.

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