The Ojek

I have decided that my favorite form of public transportation is an ojek. An ojek is a small motorcycle/moped that recklessly zooms around town. I have now ridden on one multiple times and it is quite the adventure! Ojek drivers don’t really follow traffic rules and have a very different sense of special relations. For example, two feet between a giant truck and a traffic cone is plenty of space to zoom through in order to get ahead of traffic.

Even though they are crazy drivers and every time I ride one I’m pretty sure we’re going to crash—I love the feel of the wind in my face, zooming past all the other vehicles. When I first rode one I had to hang on for dear life. Now that I’ve ridden a couple times, I can even ride without hardly hanging on at all—I just grab the hook on the back of the seat and hope that’s good enough balance. I think I like it because I feel like I’m living on the edge…the edge of what, though, who knows! 

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