Communities, traffic, and my first power outage!

Saturday I had the opportunity to go back to the trash dump community for our September outreach project. We offered a free medical clinic and kids games for the community. By the end of the day, we had treated over 400 patients and played with about 75 kids. The children were so cute and I had so much fun watching them play. We had a drawing competition, a karaoke competition, a krupuk (Indonesian rice cake) eating competition, and a blind-folded makeup contest. It was an exhausting day, but everyone had fun. 

On the way back to the office from the trash dump outreach we got stuck in the legendary Jakarta traffic. After about 45 minutes of barely moving, we decided it would be a good idea to get out and walk the remaining one mile to the office. We figured even if we didn’t actually get there faster, at least we would be moving. It ended up taking us 18 minutes to walk to the office–and the car didn’t get here for another hour. 

When I got home late that night, my power was out. I am living in a third world country, so I figured it was about time for there to be a power outage. I mean, I hadn’t even had a legitimate reason to use my headlamp yet! Though slightly excited to have a power outage (yes, weird I know), I still found it odd that the living room still had power…just my room didn’t. But I was exhausted, so didn’t really analyze the situation, I just pulled out my handy dandy headlamp, got ready for bed, and went to sleep. In the morning, though, my power still wasn’t back on–but it was in the rest of the house. Even in a third world country that doesn’t seem normal. I mean you would think that the power would be all the way on, or all the way off. Finally after a few hours of being up I decided to ask Korry if she could talk to the people and see what was wrong. Apparently each room has it’s own fuse box, and mine got turned off for some reason. So even though I had an unnecessary power outage–at least I’ve had one!

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