Greetings from Jakarta

It was a long two-day journey, but I am finally in Jakarta!!!! I was pretty good at resting for most of the trip, but as I was flying from Singapore to Jakarta I literally could not contain my excitement. I knew that I probably should sleep, but I was just so excited to get my first glimpse of Indonesia!!!

The trip itself was very smooth. I had no delays and all my planes arrived early. Really the only slightly inconvenient part of the trip itself was having to go through security four different times–which in reality is not that big of a deal. I even made it through customs and immigration very efficiently.

Flying over Jakarta itself was a very interesting experience. My first glimpse of Jakarta was of what I later realized was one of the slum communities. All you could really see were tin and brown roofs in haphazard order around a central mosque. From the sky you can clearly see that pretty much every little community has their own mosque. I am glad that my first glimpse of Jakarta was a slum community because it made why I am here real. I am so excited to get to finally go out sometime this week and see it up close.

When I got to the airport my boss and two of the girls who work for the non-profit were there to greet me. We went to breakfast and they helped me get money exchanged and then my phone all set up. I got to move into my temporary house and rest for a few hours. I went to dinner with my boss and his wife and then went on the hunt for Indonesian coffee, which I made for breakfast this morning and it was quite good.

It’s been a good first 24 hours and am excited for the adventures to continue!

Ready or not, here I come!

In a few hours I am going to embark on a journey of a lifetime. I have been talking about moving to Indonesia for about a year. The process to get to this moment has been long and hard, but wonderful. I have learned so much about trust and the fact that sometimes you just have to step out in faith and do something hard.

This year is going to be challenging. It is hard to pack up and leave what is comfortable and familiar. I have come to really love Harrisonburg and the people here. It is hard to say goodbye to that phase of life and move on to the unknown. But while at the same time I am sad to leave, I am excited for the uncertainty. I think that has been the most fun part of the whole journey is learning to embrace the unknown. It is ok to not know all of the little details–because those little details work themselves out and then you can enjoy every moment of life to it’s fullest.

I think I’m ready. But I guess it doesn’t really matter if I’m ready or not, because Jakarta, here I come!!!!

ready, set, go!

I have my visa, I have my ticket, I have all the clearances I need, and 6 days from right now I will be flying over the Pacific Ocean! It seems like just yesterday that I walked downstairs into my kitchen and told my roommate that I was going to move to Indonesia and now I’m getting ready to finally go. Well, technically I still have to finish packing–but that’s what the next six days are for, right?

It’s amazing that while it feels like it ways just yesterday that I decided to go, at the same times it feels like the process has taken forever. Life is like that, I guess. It flies by and seems to drag on, all at the same time. It’s why I’m finding that it’s important to enjoy every moment you have. Take every opportunity presented to you. I am excited for all that the next two years will bring–and am excited to be able to share it with you!

What is essential and what gets cut?

I realized today that in a little over two weeks I will be headed on a plane to the other side of the world for two years. How do you pack for two years in two suitcases and one carry on? I know that I need at least the bare essentials–peanut butter, some clothes, and my computer–but what other stuff do you bring? What makes it to the “pack” list and what gets left behind?

It’s been an interesting experience going through all my things deciding what I “need” and what I can leave behind. It’s amazing the things that seem important when you first get them, but when you only have limited space, lose their importance.  When I first packed up my room and did my first round of packing, I still ended up with a closet full of stuff. As I am going through the stuff again what I thought was “essential” I am realizing most of it really isn’t. 

 I am coming to the conclusion that less is more. Thankfully there will be a lot of things that I can get there–toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc. But some things you just can’t live without. Pictures of family and friends. Books. Boots. Peanut butter. Maybe I really will end up with more than I think. Hopefully I can get it all to fit. We will see…