Kindred Spirits

This last week I’ve been at training in Springfield before I go to Jakarta at the end of the summer. I’ve gotten to learn all sorts of things—everything from big picture strategy to practical tips for living in an Asian country.

Not only has this week been great because I have learned many things, but I have also gotten to meet some great people. Sometimes it’s easy for me to start to think that I’m crazy—particularly given that I’m leaving everything familiar to move to the other side of the world and work with people I have never met. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond excited, but sometimes I wonder what I’ thinking! It has been awesome to be surrounded by people who are adventurous and ready to also leave everything they know and move to all sorts of places.

I think this week has shown me the value of community—of surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded so as to encourage each other.

I still have one week left of training, and am excited to see what the week has in store! 

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