The beginning…but really it’s the middle

My whole life, well since the age of 4, I have traveled around the world living in different places, learning about culture and people. But up until now, it’s been a family adventure. Now, I’m about to go off into the unknown on my own.

I feel like I should probably be more nervous about the whole situation, but I guess after the crazy adventures I’ve been on with my family–like camping in the Sahara on camel back (actually, technically they were dromedaries), hiking the Pyrenees, climbing the Aztec Pyramids–setting out to Indonesia on my own doesn’t seem quite so scary.

Life is meant to be an adventure. We are meant to explore, learn, eat new things, meet new people. Though I am still packing my bags and working to raise the money I need to start off this venture…I am extremely excited to continue my life as a traveling nomad.

Welcome to the random and eclectic journey that I am going to embark on in the next two years.

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